Coming Soon To A Club Near You…

Following the glut of foreign billionaires who have swamped the Premier League, we take a look at some of the other world renowned businessmen looking to buy into The Best League On This Or Any Other Planet.

Vladamir Lublin (left):
Russian billionaire. Lublin built his fortune after winning Russia’s steel industry in a game of cards. He lists his hobbies as skiing, football and murdering business rivals. Lifelong Middlesbrough fan.

Ravashing Wakanitrampong: President for life of Vietnam. Wakanitrampong recently celebrated his 67th birthday by abolishing democracy and marrying one of his daughters. Linked with Birmingham City.

Crown Prince Bin Al Bin Rak Bin Man Al Saud (right):
Member of the Saudi Royal Family. Said to be interested in buying a Premier League club as a birthday surprise for his horrible son. Rumoured to have purchased Reading for his eldest daughter who then swapped the Berkshire club for an iPod Nano.

Andy Nurk:
American internet billionaire and Star Trek fanatic. Thirty three year old Nurk hopes that purchasing a football club will enable him to meet girls. Wants to take over Everton, reshape the stadium into a replica of the planet Vulcan and install Leonard Nimoy as Director of Football.


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