That’s Entertainment!

Here’s a run-down of what some clubs provided in the way of half-time entertainment last weekend…

SHREWSBURY TOWN – Local asylum seekers wearing oversized face-masks of former Blue Peter presenters parading around the pitch perimeter (right).

ASTON VILLA – Highly-acclaimed performance art duo Flux & Constant miming the crossing of the River Styx on the pitch, finishing up in the Holte End.

MACCLESFIELD TOWN – A big cash game in which opposing fans raced to smash an erotic ice sculpture in the quickest time.

BURNLEY – Former players, who had been supplied with free alcohol since noon, playing a charity five-a-side match.

WALSALL – Professor Gunther Von Hagens performing a live autopsy on Jeff Caldicott, earlier voted the club’s greatest player of all-time.