Ensoccerlopedia: Lynch, David

In 2002, SkySports, anxious to stay ahead in the race to bring fans the best coverage, unveiled plans to use celebrity directors during the football season.

Their first approach was to veteran cult director David Lynch. Lynch, who directed Twin Peaks and Eraserhead, was invited to direct the opening game between Manchester United and Fulham. Lynch, who had never watched a soccer game in his life, was thrilled at the opportunity.

When asked about his plans for the big game, Lynch said he was considering the possibility of Paul Scholes experiencing a psychotic fugue towards the end of the first half. “I also hope we can get a backwards midget to play the referee. That would be kinda neat”.

Lynch also hoped to provide additional features for SkySports Extra, including the added bonus of watching Fulham physio Jason Palmer, in extreme close-up, extract a tiny letter from under the fingernail of mercurial striker Louis Saha


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