AFC Wimbledon – The Success Story Continues

Non-league heroes AFC Wimbledon this week won their 1000th consecutive game since they were formed five years ago, sending them top of the South London (West (South)) Under 9’s Division 3, and leaving them a tantalising 44 years away from promotion to their rightful home, the Champions League.

The club formed by real Wimbledon fans from Wimbledon have shattered records wherever they’ve gone and have even picked up a couple of celebrity players, namely Shit-Eye from Blazin’ Squad and mass murderer Jeremy Bamber, while Starsky & Hutch star David Soul is their goalkeeping coach.

The squad all live together in a haunted mansion and in their spare time they solve mysteries and fight crime. Those skills should come in handy in their next match against the team from the film Soccer Dog, whose star striker, eight-year old Ryan Spinks recently had a starting pistol confiscated from him during Drama.

To cap it all, the club plan to relocate next season and play their matches on the centre court at the All England Tennis Club.