Mourinho Feels The Force

Ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed he will NOT be looking for a new club in the summer. Instead, he is in discussions with Star Wars creator George Lucas to produce a new trilogy of movies.

“If George Lucas managed football club they would be relegated, it’s not a problem, but if Jose Mourinho directs some new Star Wars films they will win fifty Oscars,” said Mourhino, adding “the big ones, with the wheels.”

“I have written all three myself. They are works of genius and Mr. Lucas will know this. I will direct and star in the lead role as a very much loved spaceman who saves the universe and then throws his light sabre to his people.”

Mr Mourhino then added, “I have also approached Mike Ashley, the man who owns Newcastle United. I want him to play the role of Jabba the Hutt. Mr. Ashley he says yes, because he will do anything for money.”