Chess: 'world’s most sexist sport'

The world of chess is on the back foot today following a damning report from the World Sport Federation that claims it is a breeding ground for sexism.

A whole host of recent flashpoints at major events has put chess firmly in the spotlight and the WSF is demanding that it gets its house in order.

Last month’s crunch match between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik fell into disrepute when rowdy fans produced a blow-up doll with the face of Yootha Joyce stuck on it (right) and hurled it at the board.

Similarly, there has been criticism of former UK champion Geoff Hedges (left) who recently said, “Sure, there should be more women in chess. Especially if they’ve got big massive tits on them.”

World chess supremo Jacques Pensile has promised a change in attitudes and has announced the distribution of some anti-sexism leaflets by 2011.