Stoke’s Pulis All Steamed Up

Stoke City manager Tony Pulis has used the transfer window to launch his new invention, a steam powered kettle.

“We’re living in difficult times”, said Pulis at the launch for his device. “I am sure we’ve all been shocked at our gas and electric bills. This kettle could save every household money and we all of us could do with a nice hot cup of tea!”

Pulis revealed the kettle heats up water using heated up water. “Once the kettle is boiling with hot water, the steam filters through this pipe and back down into the pistons which pump back and forth rotate and create electrical friction which fires an electric charge back up into the kettle allowing the kettle to warm up some hot water”.

When asked how the kettle produced hot water in the first place if the pistons were not yet rotating with steam, Mr. Pulis looked slightly confused. “You could…just…plug it in? Anyway, Tefal are launching it in March”.

The steam powered kettle, which measurers approximately one metre square, will be on sale exclusively through Comet.