Burnley Face Financial Meltodown

Burnley Chairman Barry Kilby today called an emergency press conference to reveal the deepening financial crisis at Turf Moor.

“Yesterday we discovered that our current account was empty”, said an ashen-faced Kilby. “I logged on at nine thirty five as I needed to transfer seventeen pounds into the savings account as it earns an extra 1.5% interest. It was then that I realised there was something wrong”.

Kilby went on to reveal that he had received an email from what he thought was the Halifax Building Society on Sunday warning him that someone had been trying to access his acount illegally. “I was naturally worried, so I replied to the email and enteretd our account details and passwords as requested. I was a bit concerned that the address was in Thailand but so many banks operate from out there now I didn’t think twice”.

It would appear that Kilby had, in fact, given his bank password details to an unscrupulous third party and, late on Sunday night, the football club’s bank account was drained of it’s entire funds of seventy six pounds and fifteen pence.

“We really are up a creek without a paddle”, sighed Kilby. “I’ve written to the Halifax out in Thailand and can only hope for the best”.