Sol Guided By Voices

Sol Campbell has revealed how his life has been changed by a chance meeting with Derek Acorah.

The celebrated TV medium, famous for his appearances on Most Haunted, has shown Campbell how to get in touch with his spirit guides. “It took as lot of concentration”, says Campbell.  “But I can now hear the voices as clearly as I can hear you”.

The former England star believes he is being managed from beyond the grave by phantom funny man Frankie Howerd. “It’s very comforting”, says Campbell. “To know that there is something else after this life is over. Frankie says Heaven is a lot like Butlins – only the Redcoats all wear long nighties and eat a lot of cream cheese”.

Campbell believes Howerd’s supernatural career advice was the main reason for his departure from Notts County. “Frankie had been chatting with Mike and Bernie Winters and they all agreed that Notts County was a big mistake for a top player like me”.