Prem Stamp Approval On Post Office Rescue

Often criticised for their overpaid, self-indulgent and arrogant lifestyles, today Sports Offensive can reveal some positive news about Premiership footballers.

As the strike rolls on with communication workers thrashing out a deal with Post Office bosses, West Ham player Scott Parker and Tottenham defender Gareth Bale have joined forces to deliver letters in the E1, NE1 and E11 areas of London.

“We don’t do much in the week of a morning, except for a bit of training”, says Parker. “So we thought delivering post around our way would be a help to the community”.

Both players have been delivering mail to strike hit customers for the past week, Parker using his Lexus 4X4 while Bale has opted to carry mail bags on his Raleigh Chopper.

“It’s been really rewarding”, says Bale. “We’ve had a great response from people on the street. I also look at it as a bit of work experience. It’s improving my reading skills as well. I may well be a postie once I stop playing”.

Parker has already offered to fill one of the proposed winter work force roles to help with the Christmas mail.