Redknapp: Mods Make The Difference

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has put his club’s revival down to an enthusiasm for the Mod Scene.

“When we’re talking about music, which is what we often do on the training pitch, I’ve always found players respond to a bit of cool Sixties sounds: Small Faces, a bit of Tamla…Booker T and the like”, says Redknapp. “And it’s not just the music but the whole look. Short hair, neat three button suits with 16 inch legs…the lads love it”.

Redknapp doesn’t have to prove his point, thanks to the energetic displays by his squad this season. However, some players are slightly concerned. Luka Modric is fighting against plans to trade in his top of the range Harley Davidson for a Vespa scooter with fifteen wing mirrors, while Benoit Assou-Ekotto is not convinced, saying: “For me I prefer the relaxed, loose fit clothing of the hip hop scene. FUBU or LRG. I am wearing the Fred Perry tops and the parka to please the gaffer but I feel a bit of an idiot”.

While reservations are few, others worry that Redknapp may be taking the Mod theme too far, as the boss admitted that: “All the players are on Blues, leapers and the like. They’re running around like greyhounds with chilli paste up their jacksies”. Redknapp also has some unusual tours planned for the summer. “I’m setting up a scooter ride down to the coast for a fight with those rockers who play for Brighton. Them greasy scum are gonna get a spanking and no mistake”.

Though there is uneasiness at this prospect, many feel the Spurs board may have to move on Redknapp if he fulfils his plan to sign Sting. “He was the Ace Face in Quadrophenia. Great dance moves, sharp suits and paid his fine in cash. Perfect for the Spurs, mate”.

Former Spurs manager Juande Ramos, a confirmed fan of Psychedelia and Garage Rock, declined to comment.