Slovenia keeper sent home after tattoo row

FIFA officers before this morning's raid

Slovenia’s back-up goalkeeper has been sent home from the World Cup in disgrace – after one of his tattoos was found to have broken FIFA rules.

Aleksandar Brjc was arrested by armed officers from FIFA’s Sponsorship Enforcement Unit in a dawn raid and has been deported from South Africa over his tattoo of Mr Pringle, the popular tubular crisp mascot. The tattoo is on Brjc’s lower arm and is visible on Slovenia’s official squad photograph.

A spokesman for FIFA said: “P******s are not an official FIFA-approved snack and the wanton displaying of their logo like this is unacceptable. We offered the player the chance to have the tattoo removed and replaced with one that promoted FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 snack partners Hula Hoops or Twiglets but reluctantly, he declined. Now he has gone, erased from World Cup history forever.”

The player was not available for comment as he had been encased inside a large steel transportation container.


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