Ensoccerlopedia – Superstitions

It is a well-recognised fact that many footballers are superstitious and undergo certain pre-match rituals to fend off bad luck. Here are some of the most distinctive…

  • Liverpool defender Daniel Agger insists on humming the whole of the album ‘Trick of The Tail’ by Genesis (right) before every game.
  • Manchester United legend Nobby Stiles always wore an extra pair of socks – on his testicles.
  • Former Arsenal striker Alan Smith would spend the morning before an away game hitting himself with a bible.
  • Alan Shearer once advertised for willing virgins prepared to sacrifice themselves in his underground temple at St. James’s Park. “I thought it might bring me luck and help us win some silverware,” Shearer said. Although three local women died assisting the talismanic number 9, Newcastle are still yet to win anything.