Dunga: "No one gets my chilli recipe!"

In an angry post-match conference last night, Brazilian coach Dunga raged at what he saw as cynical attempts by Korea PDR manager Kim Jong-Hun to steal his secret chilli recipe.

Dunga accused Jong-Hun of instructing his players to repeatedly ask Brazil’s stars about the famed chilli and hinted that he believed the stove in the Brazil dressing room had been bugged by a special camera that can photograph and analyse food ingredients.

He stormed: “This recipe has been handed down from Dunga to Dunga for generations. It is our recipe and no-one, I repeat NO-ONE, is allowed to know what’s cooking in my chilli pot”.

Speculation has flown around the Media Centre in Johannesburg regarding what might be in the chilli. Some believe it to contain parsley AND coriander, whilst others detect a distinct cinnamon taste.

“It has the players in a spin”, said Brazilain maestro Kaka. “There was a fist fight early today over whether Dunga had added piquancy by squeezing fresh lime juice over the concoction”.

Whatever the ingredients, it is thought the team will close ranks around their mercurial manager to ensure no one else can benefit from the mysterious but magical Dunga chilli.


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