Wikipedia’s So Solid Crew member list

Earlier on, I was alerted to the FULL list of So Solid Crew members on Wikipedia. It was a thing of wonder. Shortly afterwards, it was removed from the site, probably by laugh-allergic boffins. So I got a screengrab. Here it all is….

(By the way, I didn’t write any of this, although I wish I had)


34 Comments on “Wikipedia’s So Solid Crew member list”

  1. Stefan Peyre says:

    What, no Susan Boyle?

  2. Martin Clunez, Notorius B.L.T, Soap Droppah, Night Nurse – Absolutely golden. I snorted out my tea.

  3. clarkgwent says:

    My dad (b. Carl Morgan) was in the So Solid Crew? He was a dark horse and no mistake!

  4. Ciaran says:

    I’m glad that Paul Danan and Josie D’Arby are still finding work. I was worried for the poor souls.

  5. I cant stop laughing my ass off 😀

  6. Sam says:

    I’m pretty sure this list is inaccurate. I don’t recognise half of these “members”

  7. Colin says:

    I’m just amazed they missed Sniggledywingwong.

  8. Thank you for the most chuckles I’ve had this week!

  9. Mrs Gogginz. Booyakasha!

  10. Good grief, when I saw the list it was about half that length. Well played, the internet!

  11. Pete Ashton says:

    Technically it hasn’t been removed from the site – it’s still in the history:

    But yeah, humourless Wikipedians spoiling our fun…

  12. bunga_bunga says:

    Calpol6Plus – keepin’ it REAL for all the young uns and helpin’ them sleep at night – innit

  13. Pig Dog says:

    Thanks for keeping this alive, mate.

  14. Tibbs says:

    Just brilliant. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Ankit says:

    awesome!. Huge List Of Crew Members :p

  16. I nearly died of laughter after seeing “Claude Greengrass” and “Rhyming Douglas”. Thanks for that!

  17. g says:

    seeing as u can edit wikipedia…and i do so often for a giggle, the fact u think this is the correct list of members is more funny then the list itself…and i can tell u for a fact that theres only a quater of that many members as i went to school with “asher d” and i nu oxide and neutrino very well lol….gulible idiots

  18. lol2capital says:

    meh LMFAO! lolz u though that was real? u serious?

  19. Paul says:

    If my memory serves me correctly, which it doesn’t, I’m 100% sure that Rich T used to be in da crew!

  20. […] old mix of beats but she lassoes it all together perfectly. Here seems a good place to link to the full list of members of So Solid Crew, sadly taken down from […]

  21. djrubbish says:

    I got your Lil Kim Jong right here:

  22. What about officer crabtree? Victor meldrew? Teddy sheringham? Jon snow? I was led to believe these were also members of so solid crew.

  23. T-Giddy-Plugginz says:

    OMG, I think I just farted supa-noodles, absolute class and fully loved an admired….

  24. MC Donaldz says:

    supa-noodlez was in so solid

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